Chapter List

Chapter 1: #CBNW

Chapter 2: Congratulations!

Chapter 3: Introduction

Chapter 4: Are You Ready? Your First Code Is Around The Corner!

Chapter 5: Attention Medical Staff

Chapter 6: Prevention And Early Intervention

Chapter 7: Should I Call The Rapid Response Team?

Chapter 8: Leadership

Chapter 9: Teamwork

Chapter 10: Help Is On The Way

Chapter 11: Let’s Gain Some Perspective

Chapter 12: Own Your Arena

Chapter 13: Training For A Code In Your Arena

Chapter 14: Preparation

Chapter 15: Be One With Your Crash Cart

Chapter 16: Know Your Limitations

Chapter 17: Master Your From The Door Assessment

Chapter 18: Constant Rounds

Chapter 19: Is Your Patient Ready?

Chapter 20: Did Your Patient Move Into Their Room?

Chapter 21: Get In With The Family

Chapter 22: Crowd Control

Chapter 23: Family Witnessed Resuscitation

Chapter 24: Your Patient Coded! Got Transferred To The ICU! Now What?

Chapter 25: Thank You!

Chapter 26: About The Author